The Purple Carrot Market

Our community-Owned grocery store Coming soon to Little Falls, MN

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Our local farmers have provided the food, you bring a friend and a plate!

Fall not only brings abundant, locally grown foods, but the Purple Carrot wants to harvest new owners for our co-op!  On Monday, September 25th, current Purple Carrot owners are invited to bring a non-owner to a fall feast to be held in the beautiful barn venue at Januschka's Farm (16539 183rd St, Little Falls - just 1 mile north of town).  We will enjoy a menu developed and prepared by Tomas Zimmerman (a.k.a. Owner #173) from the A.T. Black & White Restaurant made with locally grown meats, vegetables, and fruits.  The menu includes:

  • Scrumptious side salad served with breads baked by some of our Purple Carrot owners
  • Shepherd's Pie featuring Januschka's grass-fed organic ground beef (there is a vegetarian version available as well)
  • Savory, roasted squash
  • Hot, melt in your mouth, apple crisp

Social hour will begin at 5:00 pm with dinner served at 6:00 pm.  We will provide the coffee and water, but you are encouraged to bring whatever else you would like to drink with this fine meal - cider, beer, wine. . .

Our event is called "Our Farm to Your Plate" for a reason:  we want you to bring your own plate!  Perhaps you have a special plate that will start a conversation.  So that's three things we ask owners to bring to our celebration:  a friend, a plate (one for each person please unless everyone wants to eat off of one), and a ticket.  Oh, yes, tickets. . .

Tickets are just $20/person.  To attend, owners need to bring a non-owner.  What if you aren't an owner but want to come and learn more about the Purple Carrot?  Buy a ticket and we will introduce you to some of our owners so you'll feel like family!  We will give a short presentation on the Purple Carrot and encourage non-owners to sign up. (No high-pressure tactics, we promise!  That's just not us!)  Anyone who decides to become an owner that evening, they will receive $20 off of their ownership.

Tickets can be purchased at our Online Ownership Store.  For those who cannot purchase online, tickets will be available at The Shoppes of LIttle Falls starting Friday, September 15.  Tickets are limited, so purchase yours today! The deadline for purchasing tickets is Friday, September 22nd so that we can get the ingredients from our farmers and give Chef Tomas time to work his magic.  (Sorry for the short timeline!)  Buy your tickets right away and plan to enjoy a wonderful evening with the Purple Carrot!